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Pandemic Planning - Business Continuity Plan During a Pandemic

The Business Continuity Plan is aimed at providing information on how Cleaner Touch will continue to operate and provide services to its clients in the event of a pandemic. The information has been developed to the meet the challenges we believe will be of concern in any emergency.

We at Cleaner Touch believe that our plan will help us continue to deliver services through the following areas:

1. Coordination
2. Communication (internally and externally)
3. Staffing plan and/or provision of employees
4. Transportation of employees in the event of a gas shortage or TTC shutdown
5. Supplies
6. Training of staff in infection control practices & use of personal protective equipment
7. Critical areas of focus for cleaning and disinfection

The following agencies and contact information will be provided on our web site to ensure the most current and up to date information is available to our staff and our clients, during the pandemic:

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